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Spotted knapweed is a high prioity weed for the District. We have several locations we continuely monitor and treat. Here is a sampling of a few.
Salt Cedar at Lake DeSmet
This can best be described as s..t happens. After being parked for over an hour while backpack spraying above the Pines, we came back to find my pickup had decided to go for a not-so-joy ride by itself. Totaled the pickup and ATV.
We are usually dilligent in washing our ATV's after spraying for the day. This machine had not been used for a week and found cheatgrass growing in the undercarage. Lesson learned, prevention is critical.
Weeds will grow in some of the darndest places. Here we are treating Leafy spurge and Common mullein in some of the most rugged terrain Crazy Woman Canyon has to offer. Great fun actually!
Having Board members that take their positions on the Board seriously is paramount to a successful program. Together with members from the Campbell County W&P Board, a couple of our Board members toured Spotted knapweed sites around Missoula Mt. It was easy to see why prompt control of this weed is critical.
Over the past several years we have offered presentations to third graders at the Annual Ag Day. Campbell County W&P has been gracious in lending us their Education Coordinator to put on the program. Here the kids try to spit sunflower seeds 15 feet, the distance a Spurge plant can launch its seed.
Old sewer pond
Diffuse knapweed in alley behind Sunset Street
Every year we check and treat, if necessary, sites of Leafy Spurge around Buffalo at no charge. 
We have a cooperative agreement to treat weeds on the Forest Service. This patch of Spurge we treat is actually in Sheridan County but it is on a popular trail that leads back to us. Prevention!!
We were asked to help with a special project on the Hibbard stock rest where folks on trail lost substantial numbers of sheep and cattle to Halogeton. The photo shows post treatment success.
We have treated the Klondike Trail so that users don't have to contend with unruly weeds in the path. 
Uhhh, this photo speaks for itself?
Lake DeSmet
Outlaw Canyon Campground
Jim's Automotive
Buckingham Lumber
We  appreciate folks notifying us of any insipient patches of our designated weed list.